JAFET ft. K’nen (SCR) Drops Official Music Video For “Mysterious Maiden”

Classic Hip-Hop is not dead! This week Jafet Muzic featuring K’nen dropped their track “Black and White”. The vibey, old school hip-hop feel is on full display here with a wavy melody that flows underneath the powerful and thought provoking lyrics coming from the duo. The pair show their love of their music’s culture while striking a resonating chord with their listeners.

The track is a single off their debut “Vol. 1” featuring both Jafet Muzic and K’nen respectively. Song recorded, mixed and mastered by Brendan Brady for Surefire Studios Video shot and edited by Onixovii

Special shoutout to PackmanGhost, YoungLordz

Peep the track below and share with friends.

Make sure to get their project when it drops and follow the artist at their socials:

JAFET MUZIC- Instagram Twitter

K’Nen- Instagram Twitter

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