Foxy Panic Debuts New Track ‘Upside Down Baby’

Foxy Panic! Photo taken by thesupermaniak

The mythical origins of Foxy Panic are scattered across the many lives Lena Brown and China Morbosa lived on their way to unite in destiny as a punk-tronic pop duo. Amidst the dark and gritty hallways of the emotion captured in their music, Foxy Panic is inviting anyone who dares to one sexy-ass dance party. Although they both grew up hating pop music, the freedom of musical expression within its delightful bounds became irresistible to their rock n’ roll hearts…and they’ve been having their way with it ever since.

The Californian duo Foxy Panic has officially dropped their first track called ‘Upside Down Baby’. A blend of psychedelic rock, haunting vocals, and power lyrics ‘Upside Down Baby’ is the perfect track to get you through the weekend. With an addicting bassline and catchy melody they swipe your off your feet and flip your world upside down. Listen to their track ‘ Upside Down Baby’ below:

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