Demetri Underwood: The Next Internet Comedy Sensation

Demetri Underwood

Lets face it, we are in one of the hardest time in American history. We are going through a brutal election and things from a pandemic standpoint have no end. People were already attached to their phones before but now more than ever technology is not only an escape but a way to keep up-to-date on the whole world crumbling around them. With all of the negative news going on there are some artisans working on keeping people in lighter moods. One such individual is Demetiri Underwood an online comedian who post his skits online for people to enjoy.

Lynn, Mass native Demetri Underwood, also known as Demo Woodz is an aspiring up and coming comedian. With his raunchy yet creative style , he continues to keep the people laughing.  As he releases content, his fan base is steadily growing on all social media platforms.  Demo has been showing that there is nothing that will get in the way of him living his dream  and the people think he has what it takes. We have the honor of sitting down with him for an interview.

Classic Entourage Mag: Thanks for chatting with us. Can you tell us a little about what inspired you to work in comedy? 

Demetri Underwood: Thanks for chatting with me! Making people laugh has always been natural for me and the feeling it  gives me is like no other. Watching people laugh and smile because of something I said or did makes  me feel complete and that I really have a purpose in life. Comedy has always been “a part of me”. It’s just something I love to do, and the fact that I have an opportunity to make a career out of it is just amazing.  

CE Mag:  What has been motivating you through the pandemic to keep making comedy videos? 

DU: Honestly, for me, the pandemic has been a blessing in disguise. Before the pandemic, I was working 2  jobs, 14 hours days, sometimes 7days a week. I barley had any time to put towards my comedy. I  would go months between dropping videos and couldn’t gain any consistency. Once the pandemic  hit, my second job was out of the equation and I had plenty of time to channel in and focus on myself  and on my comedy. I took advantage of the extra time and used to create my content, film, promote,  and network which is very important. I was able to gain my consistency which eventually led to my  fanbase growing.  

CE Mag: Can you tell us a little about the creative process? What is the step by step process of getting a skit  together? 

DU: Sure. I am constantly coming up with ideas. If I find something funny, whether it’s a scenario, a  punchline, or just anything that catches my attention to be funny, I immediately jot it down in my phone. I can be anywhere, church, the club, it doesn’t matter. I am always thinking of ways to make  a situation funny. So, when creating and filming the skit, I take a look at all my notes. I pick one  scenario or plot that I came up with, then I build around it with all the other jokes and punchlines. Its  kind of like a puzzle. I take one big joke and just add a bunch of little jokes around it. Most of the  time I write out scripts, but certain skits I feel it is not necessary. When it comes to the actual  recording, I perform the jokes several times, with different tones, different gestures, sometimes even  change the jokes around, and repeat it until I feel it has captured my vision. 

I honestly appreciate everyone who has given me their time. It means everything to me.  

Demetri Underwood

CE Mag: Are you solo or do you have a team that works with you? 

DU: Yes, I am solo. I create and write all my content. I perform and direct all my videos. Also edit all my videos. However, I do have a great supporting cast. I have a lot of people who are willing to give their  time to help me record my skits, act, and offer ideas. I am very open to ideas and feedback. My sister  has been such a big help in participating in a lot of my most popular skits. Also, I do have a creative  director who oversees my videos for constructive and professional feedback, who will most likely take  on the manager role later down the line. I honestly appreciate everyone who has given me their time.  It means everything to me.  

CE Mag: Can you name some comedians that you would like to work with and why?

DU: Good Question. In today’s day and age social media has taken over the game. There are a few social  media figures I follow that I would love to link up and do a skit with. I like Haha Davis, Desi Banks,  and Kountry Wayne, and others but those dudes are killing it right now. I honestly think we would  come up with something great because we all have similar styles and a similar sense of humor. I look  up to these guys, because they really worked hard and perfected their craft and succeeded. That is  my dream as well. Outside of social media, my all-time favorite comedian is Martin Lawrence. I would do anything to get the opportunity to work with work or even just meet him. And I can’t forget  about my boy Mike Epps, we would come up with something hilarious. 


Demetri Underwood

CE Mag: What are your goals for the next 6 months? 

DU: One of my main goals right now is to get my YouTube page up and running, I understand its a great  outlet especially for comedy. I will begin working on it soon. Also, I have be told by many people I  should get involved with TikTok and post my videos on there so I will be working on that too. I  recently applied to be in a Netflix film as background actor and I am still waiting to hear back from the  director. That would be a huge milestone for me in my career if I am selected and I’m looking forward  to it. Another goal is continuing to grow my fan base and get my name out there. And of course, I  will continue to release good content and network.  

My mom used to say all the time “Nothing beats a failure but a try”

Demetri Underwood

CE Mag: How would you compare comedy to other artistic outlets? 

DU: Comedy, just like any other artistic outlet, gives you the power to be creative. Comedy has the same  effect for me that music does for a musician or cooking does for chefs. It allows you to escape reality and  can actually relieve stress for the moment. And most importantly, you can express yourself. 

CE Mag: Thanks for chatting with us today! Do you have any advice for comedians trying to break into the skit  business? 

DU: Don’t ever doubt yourself. Remember, you have to believe in yourself before anyone else will because  there was a time when I didn’t believe any of this was possible. My mom used to say all the time  “Nothing beats a failure but a try” and I used to hate it. But now it has so much value to me. I know  I have a long way to go but I am so happy that I decided to chase my dreams and you should too. Just  believe in yourself and don’t give up. And Thanks a lot for chatting me with, it’s been real! God Bless.

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