Drefromthewoo The Underdog That Rose To The Top

Andre Gomez also known as Drefromthewoo is a young visionary, creative director and photographer born and raised in Worcester, Ma. Growing up deaf motivated Andre to work hard and prove himself. Everything he did, meant more than just getting the job done. He always wanted to be better than good enough. “I know that people underestimate me before taking the chance to see what I’m capable of”. Being the underdog is an understatement to Dre. Andre recently put together a book of photography and his thoughts on life called “.almost” that featured a handful of celebrities such as Post Malone, T.I, and P. Diddy.

“.almost” a collection of random thoughts and moments captured by Drefromthewoo inspired by friends, family, society and real life experiences. Sitting down with Dre we got the latest scoop on what drives him and what he thinks the future holds in store.

I feel like my big break has yet to come.


Classic Entourage Mag: Thanks for chatting with us! What made you start your career in photography?

Drefromthewoo: I started my photography career as a hobby because my friends needed content. As an artist you need a team behind you that creates your brand. I used to make music myself with a group, my brother Eric, cousin Danny Fantom and my homie Leon Legacy. We all decided that if we wanted this group to progress we needed to have a role outside of rapping that would make us stand out. My role was photography and videos which eventually developed into a passion. 

CE Mag: What would you consider was your big break?

Dre: I feel like my big break has yet to come. A huge turning point in my career was buying a school bus with ten of my friends, building beds inside of it and touring across the country. The opportunity helped me network with people I still work with today. Working with TI & the Spice Group on the traphouse museum was another big opportunity that I’m super grateful for. Going on tour with my homie Eearz and YG helped me gain some respect as a shooter. Every opportunity I get eventually leads to another. 

CE Mag: Who are you some of your favorite artists to work with?

Dre: Some of my favorite artists to work with are my friends. Ayanis is an up and coming RnB singer who i look up to. Seeing her progression and watching the journey is a humbling experience. My favorite rapper of all time is my homie Anime Rari. He’s not famous….yet but watching him create a song from scratch from producing the music, recording himself, and mixing it is inspiring to see. I saw my homie 28 Gramz make his first song and to see him pack a bus to the venue and kill a show is incredible. Kid is a fast learner i’ll tell ya. Kellz DaCheefa is next up from my city hands down. The work ethic is unmatched, it’s a blessing to be a part of the journey with creating the visuals.

CE Mag: Where are you located now? How did you get there?

Dre: I’m currently located in Worcester, Ma after living in other states. Being back home has allowed me to travel more for work. I might move again soon, who knows. 

CE Mag: What projects are you working on now?

Dre: Right now I’m working on multiple projects that require a lot of attention. I’m working on a brand, hopefully it will come to light as soon as I’m expecting. I’m also working on content for a pro boxer Jamaine Ortiz whose now undefeated 13-0.

CE Mag: How has the pandemic affected you? Affected your work?

Dre: Covid-19 is a ***** for sure. The pandemic has limited the amount of locations I can shoot at and I haven’t been traveling at all. Concerts are dead, parties are dead, any type of gatherings are dead. My job usually includes people being together. I have been doing shoots still with social distancing and taking proper precautions. The amount of work has decreased immensely but I’m not upset about that aspect. It gives me more time to work on creative projects I have for myself.

CE Mag: What are you most looking forward to in the coming year?

Dre: Hopefully for the rest of 2020 I don’t have to spend it in quarantine. I’m looking forward to traveling again and building my new brand to see how the people will respond to my new endeavors.

Art is subjective.


CE Mag: Can you talk about your book a little bit?

Dre: My book “.almost” was the perfect introduction to who I’ve become and what I do. A lot of people don’t understand the lifestyle and what comes with it. I wanted to create something that I can look back on and remind myself of how far I’ve come. 

CE Mag: What was the path like switching from doing music almost full time to full time photography?

Dre: Making music was fun at the time. To me it was all about having a good time with friends at shows, creating songs that were authentic to us and reflected our lifestyle. I never wanted to be the face or the star, I never had the confidence. Photography became something I just learned to be good at and it helped me develop the confidence I needed. When I first started doing photography people didn’t really take me seriously because they knew me as an artist. When people started seeing me with celebrities it turned heads and I gained the respect over time.

CE Mag: Thanks for chatting with us. Do you have any other advice for some up and coming artist that are just starting out?

Dre: Advice for artists just starting out: don’t take anything personal, trust yourself, and be patient! Art is subjective, not everyone will like what you do but there is an audience for everyone, if you know how to market yourself.

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