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Chlooeeeexo streaming at home

Chlooeeeexo is an online Twitch streamer from England, UK who started full time content creation after the pandemic contributed to her losing her full time job. Since then she has decided that she would game full time online to help make ends meet and it has been paying off. She has amassed 70,000 views in about 4 weeks, gained a friendship with Paige of the WWE, and has donated to multiple charity streams. Chlooeeeexo grew up playing video games such as Call of Duty and even the only online java game Habbo Hotel.

I have recently unintentionally become a full time streamer on twitch.


With the pandemic going on a lot of people have taken to trying their hand at online businesses and streaming. With a plethora of people now forced to be online while stuck inside, the streaming community is at record highs of volume. Not only are gamers taking online to new level but musicians and artist as well. We had the honor of sitting with the new streaming queen and chatting about what life as is a streamer is like.

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Classic Entourage Mag: Thanks for chatting with us! Can you talk a little bit about how you got started in streaming?

Chlooeeeexo: I started streaming about a year and 8 months ago officially because I used to stream from my xbox through Mixer. It was a difficult start because Mixer through Xbox streaming is super slow, I started off without being able to communicate with any viewers and had a very small understanding of what streaming really was. In January 2019 I started streaming through PC for the first time and it was a completely surreal, new experience. It was ultimately the best choice for me because here I am a year and a half later and love what I do. 

I’ve been streaming for a year and a half now, through PC. I play so many different games and thrive off of the community I’ve built.

CE Mag: What is your favorite game and why? Is that game the one you stream the most?

Chlooeeeexo: My favorite game to stream is Valorant and Fortnite currently. Valorant is completely different, you can’t listen to music, although you can communicate with chat you ultimately depend on listening to footsteps, guns reloading to through the game because it’s a 5 v 5 and your objective is to kill the opposing team or plant the spike (bomb). On the other side of the gaming world I love streaming Fortnite, although I’m terrible at building it’s a great way of playing with your viewers. It opens up for anyone to jump in and the reason why I love it is because there are so many under-rated players out there that have the chance to show off their skills.

I’m in talks at the moment with a big sponsor that could change everything for me, I am excited.


CE Mag: Now that you are full time has playing video games feel more like a job or obligation? Or is it just as fun as before you were getting paid. 

Chlooeeeexo: I’m technically full time, but not officially. If I could have another job that guaranteed a pay, or a salary then I would take it in a heartbeat. Unfortunately I lost my job the second week of April because of the pandemic. I have agreed to myself to try and set a schedule or commit myself to a specific time everyday and work around that.


CE Mag: When the pandemic is over do you see yourself streaming full time still or will you go back to where you worked before or similar?

Chlooeeeexo: I have been looking around at jobs and positions but the current situation has made it difficult to get interviews or have a job that isn’t based from home or remote working. I will find a new job once this is all over, full / part time and still stream. The main thing is I always want to stream, regardless of how I feel. Streaming helps me maintain a level head and my mental health is definitely better because of streaming.

CE Mag: What is the hardest thing about streaming? 

Chlooeeeexo: The hardest part about streaming is working around a schedule, it’s very difficult trying to work uni work, finding a job, having a ‘social’ life and streaming.

CE Mag: What are you most looking forward to over the next 6 months with your stream? What are your goals?

Chlooeeeexo: My goals for the next couple of months are the following:

  • Release new youtube content, more regularly 
  • Stick to a consistent schedule 5pm BST everyday Monday-Sunday
  • I have a new sponsorship which is due to go live last week of May, waiting for that! Which is super exciting for me and the stream
  • Build my streaming room a little more, alter my setup
  • Average 35-50 viewers consistently
  • Hit 10k on Instagram
  • Hit 10k on Twitch
  • Hit 5k on Twitter
  • 1k subs on twitch one day? (currently 811)

CE Mag: Now that you are streaming full time you have made some unique friends online. Can you talk about your relationship with Paige from WWE? How did that come about?

Chlooeeeexo: So I was in uni at the time and I check my followers quite a lot on twitter and saw a follow from Paige. I didn’t think anything of it at the time, thought it might have been a fake account or something. Looked into it a bit further and realized it was actually Paige, WWE!!?!? She announced she was going to start streaming too on twitch so I made sure I was there as much as I could be in her streams to help when I could (I stream similar times to her) so it was kind of difficult.

I have a ‘founders’ badge in her stream now which means of the 3,000 people who sub monthly to her I will have an exclusive badge. It’s crazy. She came into my stream a few times, she’s gifted me subs, she’s hosted my stream which then averaged my stream to about 100 viewers! She’s a huge female role model and is super awesome to watch. We follow each other on Instagram, twitter and twitch so I see a lot of her content. She’s awesome and an inspiration.

CE Mag: Can you speak a little bit about your studies in university and what made you choose that path? 

Chlooeeeexo: I’m currently In my 3rd year of Graphic Design, I started my studies in Bristol and relocated last year to South Wales and am finishing my BA in Graphics here. I’ve been a creative / arty person since before I can remember, I started developing a real interest when I studied art double award in GCSE. I’m looking to finish a lot of projects at the moment then want to get into thumbnail designs for youtube videos, twitch overlays and panels – this way I can work on stream and design for clients live and get their opinions in real time.

CE Mag: Adapting to situations in real time is something a lot of people are having to work with right now. It seems like you have turned lemons to lemonade. Do you have any advice for people during the pandemic on making the best of their situation?

Chlooeeeexo: Make the most of your time, live every moment like it literally is your last. You have NO idea what is around the corner so as cliché as it is please just don’t look back and continue grinding whatever it is you have got going on. Stay safe. Stay hydrated.

CE Mag: Thank you again for chatting with us! What is the most rewarding part of being a streamer?

Chlooeeeexo: I have built a small but very kind community on twitch and I consider the people that chat daily to be good friends of mine. When I moved to Wales I didn’t have many friends here so knowing I can go live and have people that enjoy me and my content to talk to daily makes my day SO great. Thanks for having me!

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