The Feeling Of Bass Music With Xeno

Bass DJ and Producer Xeno
DJ and Producer Xeno

Nicole Centeno also known as Xeno, is a music producer, Dj and songwriter hailing from Cherry Hill, New Jersey. After playing Nightmare Festival in 2016 & 2017 and High Caliber Festival in 2018, Xeno propelled herself into the electronic music spotlight. Through her genre defying DJ sets and production has found her place in the EDM and Bass music community. Xeno prides herself on producing multiple genres and giving all her music a unique twist that makes her live sets unforgettable. She has opened for many big names and her own musical influences such as Krewella, Svdden Death, 12 th Planet and many more. Her experimental music production and DJ sets that blend deep and heavy elements are truly something that everyone can enjoy. Sitting down with Xeno we had the chance to see how music is being affected by the pandemic and what the future of bass music looks like.

Classic Entourage Mag: Thanks for sitting with us. How did you get the name Xeno? What does it mean?

Xeno: No problem! So I used to be in a DJ duo and the name was alien themed so I thought when I left I would keep the same theme going. The name Xeno is short for Xenomorph. It comes from the movie Alien, it was one of my favorite creepy sci-fi movies growing up. 

CE Mag: Can you talk a little bit about how you got started DJing and how you got here?

Xeno: I started DJing after going to a lot of house parties and being in awe of how a DJ could control a crowd. I quickly became obsessed with the EDM culture. Working hard everyday with music took me here and I’m grateful for the experiences I had and will continue to have. 

I become inspired and try and communicate through music in a way that my favorite artists have communicated to me. 


CE Mag:  What inspires you to make music?

Xeno: Going to shows and festivals mostly. Seeing everyone have a good time makes me feel a certain type of way. Music makes you feel so many emotions and I love to put out what I’m feeling so someone else can experience it

CE Mag: Can you talk a little bit about how you create a track.

Xeno: With creating a track I normally go for a drive and listen to some of my favorite artists. I become inspired and try and communicate through music in a way that my favorite artists have communicated to me. 

 CE Mag: With the pandemic going on, when do you think you’ll be able to start doing live shows?

Xeno: I’m mostly working on a lot of new music through the pandemic rather than doing live streams. If this keeps going on longer I think I’ll set up a once a week hour live session to play some new music from some of my favorite artists and myself . 

CE Mag: What are some of your thoughts on the current music industry especially in EDM and Bass music. 

Xeno: I think everything is going well especially in the bass music scene. However, I would like to see house music make more of a come back since that is what inspired me to DJ in the first place. We all love to headbang as much as we like to shuffle.

CE Mag: What about bass music moves you?

Xeno: Whenever I’m listening to a song and it has a utterly disgusting drop it moves me to another dimension. With bass music if you don’t have a disgusted look on your face during the drop, it’s not it and that’s what makes bass music so unique. Sound design is key. 

Photo Credit: Rivkin Photos

CE Mag: Who are some of the other artist that inspire you? Local and International?

Xeno: I have a lot of inspiration from Krewella, Alison Wonderland, Svdden Death and PhaseOne. Ive also listened to a lot of Deadmau5 when I was younger and he was always my go to with chill progressive house music. 

If your trying to sound like someone else it’s going to be a really hard journey for you.


CE Mag: What is your favorite thing about the music world right now?

Xeno: I love that during this pandemic the electronic music scene is still keeping the music going. They are still having artists spin at virtual festivals and for the community that’s a great thing. No other genre is as unique and together like the electronic scene and that’s so important.

CE Mag: Can you give some advice to new producers and musicians trying to break into the scene?

Xeno: Be different. If your trying to sound like someone else it’s going to be a really hard journey for you. Dig deep into your inspiration and cone up with something unique that no one has ever heard before.


Instagram: @ xenowrx

Twitter: @xenobassmusic

Soundcloud: @xenobassmusic

Facebook: @xenobassmusic

Twitch: @xenowrx

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