Zach Matook Talks Brand Influence Through The Crisis

Zach Matook

Zach Matook is the Brand Manager of SJC Custom Drums in Massachusetts; a boutique instrument manufacturer for some of the biggest artists in the world including Slipknot, Green Day, and Twenty One Pilots! After graduating from Providence College and completing his MBA, Zach joined the team as a sales rep and soon jumped into the marketing side of SJC. From working with bands to designing products and managing the daily marketing activities, Zach is involved with multiple aspects of the business and continues to find opportunities that give SJC a leg up over the competition! Chatting with Zach was a blast and is featured below.

Classic Entourage Mag: Thanks for chatting with us. What made you want to work in the music industry and why drums?

Zach Matook: Of course! Thanks for the opportunity. I fell in love with drums after I learned how to play a Green Day song all by myself back around 6th grade. Told myself early on that it would be a dream to work in the music industry. I had been following SJC for years because most of my favorite bands used their drums and when the opportunity came up to join the team I immediately jumped on it! 

CE Mag: What are some of your day to day activities within the company?

My day to day activities include running the social media platforms, working on product design, handling artist relations, managing the website as well as leading the graphic design and media team.

CE Mag: Can you talk about some of your favorite artists that you have worked with? Who were some artists that surprised you when you met them?

I’ve really enjoyed the work I’ve done with Slipknot. There’s always something big happening with the drummer Jay and the projects are truly fun to work through. I handle a lot of the heavier bands: Every Time I Die, Architects, Fit For A King, Lorna Shore, Silent Planet, Emmure and more. These are some of my favorite bands and homies, so any time I get to interact with these dudes is truly a pleasure.  In terms of an artist that surprised me, I’d have to say meeting Tré Cool of Green Day was decently surprising overall since I had only ever seen him on TV etc. I met him my first week at SJC and NAMM alongside Josh Dun of TOP, who at the time, wasn’t someone I was super familiar with but quickly realized he’s one of the biggest drummers on the planet. Definitely a surprise as well!

Slipknot Drummer with Zach Matook and his crew

I have no doubts that people are going to be craving shows once this is over.

Zach Matook

CE Mag: With the pandemic going on, how has that affected business? 

Surprisingly, business (at least sales) are continuing to go pretty smoothly (maybe people want to learn drums while they’re at home) but production has slowed down because we can’t really go in. We’re pushing through it and the interest/engagement with the brand is as high as ever, so we’ll keep doing what we’re doing and push to the other side.

CE Mag: How do you think concerts are going to recover from the pandemic? Some analysts are saying concerts wont start back up until fall of 2021. How will the live music world recover?

I have no doubts that people are going to be craving shows once this is over. Whether or not they’re too afraid to attend them is a different story, though. I think it’s going to take some time for people to gain the confidence to get back out there (or, maybe people will be so over the virus that they’ll go all out?). My guess is that states will have to put a cap on attendance of every entertainment related event for a while. It will recover, but I unfortunately think it’s a longer road than we’d like.

CE Mag: Could you give some advice to people who are interested in your field but haven’t committed yet? 

Make connections early on! I had reached out to SJC when I first graduated college but there wasn’t anything available at the time. A few years later, after having left an impression, the opportunity finally came up and they remembered me. Having more experience as well, I made it to the top of the hiring list and got the gig. I’d also say that being more extroverted helps in the music industry. You deal with a lot of different types of people but I’d say everyone has some level of “showmanship” and personality. It definitely helps to be able to get on the same level as these artists!

Zach Matook

You deal with a lot of different types of people but I’d say everyone has some level of “showmanship” and personality.

Zach Matook

CE Mag: What are some things you are looking forward to over the next 6 months? A year?

I’m in the middle of getting my personal training license actually, so I’m pretty excited about the ability to teach others about my other passion – fitness.

CE Mag: What was one of the best live shows you got to witness as a rep. Who was it and where?

The most memorable show I’ve been to for SJC, hands down, was Knocked Loose this last tour cycle… it was simply insane… the entire bill! There was no barricade and I just couldn’t stop watching the chaos and head banging the whole time. A close second was seeing Sylar open for Atilla and ICP… That was just something I’ve never seen before. Wild.

IG: @zachmatook  

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