Music Heads: Slug † Christ is Swag’s Savior

Slug Christ

Slug † Christ is an artist booming onto the underground trap music scene. He is signed to Awful Records and recently performed at SXSW where he produced a killer set. His youtube videos have an interesting faded, 90’s vibe where he performances his tracks and entertains the viewers by dancing. His videos also have pretty unique concepts  just like his music. Self describe as “Just a guy.” Slug † Christ is one of the new faces of trap. Making tracks with Father and Keith Ape this young entertainer is taking off. We recently had a few moments to talk to Slug.

Classic Entourage: Thank you for sitting down with us, Love your music. We really appreciate the time you have given us for this interview. How did you get the name Slug Christ? Was that something you came up with or was that something that someone else gave you? 

Slug † Christ : A slug is a disgusting little thing. Not good for too much. It is slow and retarded. Not too many want one around. In it’s vile loneliness it slowly travels all the while leaving a trail of slime. It doesn’t matter how insignificant it was to the world, or even if it made it across the driveway without drying out. It has left its trail of slime for a time being, its mark on the world. I chose the word Christ because I’m God, but I think I chose that word specifically due to the amount of christian teachings shoved down my throat my whole life.

CE: When did you figure out that music was your calling? What drove you to the art?


SC: I dunno I get asked this all the fucking time. I never really wanted to be an artist or musician growing up, I want to be a Gundam Pilot and drive around giant robots but that never really panned out the way i thought it would lol. I got my first guitar when i was like 11 or 12, there was never a definitive moment, a clearing of the clouds where god said “slugger… be a rapper.” Ive just always drawn and created stuff ever since i can remember. Nothing drove me to art ive always been into it.


CE: You flow is pretty unique. You works seem to swirl around the beat instead of just hitting it hard every time. How did you come up with it?


SC: It probably comes from me freestyling all my verses and stuff. I try to remove myself from the equation with substances to kind of become more of a channeler of energy. I just exorcist it out on the track and its very primal or as you say dance-like. Just think of me as a prehistoric master shaman of the tribe.


CE: Every video you are in you have this dance you do. Every time its a little different especially in your “Honja” Music video with Keith Ape. Is there a name for that? What inspired you to start doing that?


SC: I mean in Atlanta there’s this thing we do called “jiggin” and its just like dancing to a song I dunno there’s no real moves to it maybe besides dabbing its just like pure swag. everyone says my jig style is crazy unique and they right cause like I said earlier I’m a yung shaman and primitive spiritual skills such as dancing have been with me since birth.


Slug Christ
CE: Speaking of Keith Ape, he is gaining a huge following. We are also big fans of his body of work as well. How did your collaboration come together?


SC: We were hanging out at the barrio and he came thru then me and him recorded a few songs together.


CE: What are you goals for the next year?


The same thing we try to do every year Pinky.


CE: Do you have any advice for an artist trying to make it in the industry?


SC: Don’t listen to anyone artistically. Don’t compromise what you want to do for other people’s sake. Make people mad but do it in a positive manner like make stupid people mad. quit trying to ride other peoples waves, make your own wave. quit tweeting me asking to listen to your music.


CE: Thanks for sitting down with us! We would like to end with how you define art. What is art to you?


SC: Art is the collective wayward expression of humanity, a honest and sometimes difficult description of where we are.


Check out Slug † Christ’s Honja Video below and be sure to follow him on social media:

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