Music Heads: The Incredible Mr. Rotx

Paulii ROTXPaulii ROTX, pronounced (Rotten) isn’t a rapper; he’s a skater that is also an emcee. What sets Paulii apart is that when he gets off the board and out the booth, the skater mentality only intensifies. The Massachusetts emcee and self-proclaimed broccoli enthusiast, has made sure to not limit his talent and creativity solely to the mic. When not killing shows all over the country or creating new material, Paulii is constantly learning and challenging himself to find and create new avenues to utilize his unique outlook and creativity.

Paulii has made sure to let everyone know he’s far from predictable and exceedingly versatile. To attest to his continuing dedication of creating, Paulii most recently gave a gripping depiction of the title character, “Ross,” in the quasi-short film/ music video “Ross Capicchioni,” by Joyner Lucas. To continue his rise to dominance and assert himself as a fearless competitor among his peers, Paulii ROTX has one more trick up his sleeve for 2015; release his long awaited project, Skate of Mind, before the year is out. We sat down with Paulli this week:

Classic Entourage: Thanks for taking the time to sit down with us. You have been doing music for some time now and you truly have a great following, really dedicated fans. Can you explain what it is about you and your music that keeps your fan so loyal? 

Paulii ROTX: Yeah man! No problem! Thank you for the opportunity. Man. I love my people and I entirely appreciate their support.I think what keeps everyone tuned in and responsive is my tact and dedication. My uniqueness and the way I go about what I do has got everyone’s attention. But the way I include my people, interact, engage and remain connected with them is what keeps them coming back. That, and the shows. Once they come out and see me perform. It’s a wrap.

Paulli ROTX Classic Entourage

CE: Explain the party bus. Who came up with that idea?
PR: Well, for the most part, throughout networking and coming up on shows that were out of state, my only issue was getting my people to get out to these shows. Especially for the fact that they’d be drinking, and I didn’t want them driving hours back home all drunk. I’ve had too many close encounters myself to let that one sit on my chest forever.
So! I came up with the plot to rent buses that would cart us out to these shows and back safely. My mom worked for a bus company when I was a kid for years and she hooked it with the plug, Thanks Mom!
Take the shows ticket price, add a bus fee. Plus free beer. Ayye, great times.
CE: What has been your major inspiration to create music? Is there a certain process?
PR: Life is the major inspiration. Proving to these people that chasing your dreams is the way to go is the inspiration. Letting these kids know that anything is possible with hard work and dedication is the inspiration. My process is unknown, I couldn’t begin to explain it to you honestly. The most I could do is describe it as putting together a puzzle of words, everything has a perfect pattern and fit. I love the most irregular of puzzles. 

CE: Please explain your style. Musically and clothing wise.

PR: My style is Paulii ROTX, and I don’t think anyone can quite pinpoint it. I’m a skater, graffiti artist, emcee, entrepreneur, photographer as well as many other things, and every day could switch it up. That’s my style, keeping you guessing. Witty unpredictable. A little bit of everything.
CE: What do you think is happening to the local hip-hop scene? Is it growing? Is it moving to other places?
PR: Eh. It’s I feel like it’s growing in the sense of the support that we are now getting locally, but it’s still a bit oversaturated with people who don’t quite get the true essence of it. People direct their energy and attention to the wrong places for the wrong reasons and that’s why we have fools like Slim Jesus getting the exposure he has gotten.
6. Any artist you see on the up and up?
PR: Of course, and you know who I’m going to mention first, the kid who put me on to my most notable mention today, Joyner Lucas. Been watchin that kid go since middle school and I’ve never had a doubt in my mind that he was going to make it. Multi talented and innovative, a creative genius, that kid deserves everything he’s been working for. There are a lot of talented individuals in our region, too many to name them all. But know I do see you. Fellow Broccbrethren Danny Fantom been touring with me for the past 4 years. My buddy Andre (Dre from the Woo) is killin it in the video game right now, but don’t sleep, homies an incredible song writer. The homies Token and the Glasshouse Movement, doing major things this year, Lingo, GrindMode and the Brawlers Inc. Movement are doing huge. J.Black, Millz, and Rezno still killin it. Elijah Williamson making a crazy comeback. I know my brother Backseat Trav got heavy work stashed and ready to go. Aaron Odum is a FIRE emcee from Worcester, and I got this young gun under my wing by the name of KC Major. But we’re keeping him a secret til it’s go time. Keep your eyes peeled.
CE: What is the ideal life situation if you wanted to move around from the music industry? If you could trade with any other creative industry celebrity who would it be?
PR: Well, I’m super into photo and video as well as fashion and designing. So I could jump all over the place and be completely content. They all tie in with the music industry, so regardless I’d be around what I love the most.
If I could travel the globe, skateboard, and just continuously create what I love. That’d be ideal.
I’d love to step into the shoes of Pharrell for a little bit. Dude is a genius. Definitely an inspiration to my craft.
 Paulli ROTX Classic Entourage (3)
CE: Do you have any advice for up and coming artist?
PR: Normally I don’t like to share much advice with just anybody. But I’ll give you this one for free; Too many seek validation and only see this as a way out, rather than a way in. There is so much work to do once you’re in and you are a ways from a way out my friend, there are no handouts. Just study everything you see, learn the business and tricks of the trade. Stay focused on the bigger picture and build on small wins. Never get discouraged, ones opinion is one of their own, it’s none of your business. So don’t dwell on things you can’t change.
CE: Your videos are really dope. How do you present new ideas to your team when shooting?
PR: Thanks man. Appreciated. Pretty much, my songs are created with a video in mind. I paint a picture with my words so that it creates the video itself. That way we already have a basis as to where the video is going and we just build on what we think will add to to visual. A lot of stuff happens right on the scene, it makes for the best footage.
CE: You got some good shit going on man, keep it up.
PR: I really appreciate that dude, thank you. And thank you for this spot. I try my best to stay active and keep busy without flooding the feeds with typical rapper bullshit. I keep my nose out of everyone else’s business and just focus on my own, staying positive, connecting with the fans and it works. I got my eyes on the top and not a worry in my soul about getting there. It’s only a matter of time. Skate of Mind is on the way. Bless all my followers. I appreciate your support. Thank you all so much.

To stay connected and know all the latest news pertaining to Paulii ROTX and Skate of Mind, make sure to hit him up on Twitter/Instagram (@livesince89), Facebook (, and to subscribe to the YouTube page( for all the freshest and recent visuals.

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