Regurando レグランド Streetwear Takes Aim at Billion Dollar Horror Industry With Digital Markets

Regurando Horror Streetwear designs Models: Kadeem Brown and Mezz

The Japanese horror movie market has taken over the globe. With the United States remaking scores of Japanese horror movies for American markets, its no wonder that Japan has been one of the most influential places in the world for a good scare. The concepts of what is scary and what isn’t consistently changes and Japan seems to reinvent the genre over and over. Being inspired from the original Japanese horror movies, and such horror Manga artist as Junji Ito, the clothing brand Regurando レグランド has been bringing unique designs to the streetwear markets. Images of zombies and Yokai are present throughout the brand but what is unique about the brand is that every design is actually based on a real life person.

The brand of Regurando レグランド has started taking off by making colorful and stylistic anime like images of a dark fantasy. With majority of the of designs being based on real life people, there is a real personal feel that other clothing lines don’t have even if the line is full of fright. What is interesting about this is that you can wear a design and since the brand isn’t filled with gore you can still wear it out in public and your mother will love it also. The use of bright colors is something where a lot of other lines have failed. Although Regurando レグランド has frightful designs in black, those same designs also have shades of yellow, blue and even pink!

Regurando レグランド Comic Panel Tee with Model Kadeem Brown

The future for Regurando レグランド is bright with the line entering its designs into the digital crypto space. Regurando レグランド is developing NFTS (Non- fungible tokens) which are, but not limited to, pieces of digital art that is backed by a token on blockchains. The rarity of the digital images and designs allow Regurando レグランド to bring its brand into a whole new emerging market. This market is starting a revolution on how art and digital assets create value. With Regurando entering this space they look to tap into that up and coming market.

Regurando レグランド Neko Tee with Kadeem Brown

Expanding on their digital presence Regurando レグランド has started doing Print on demand with Teespring. With an online store such as teespring, Regurando レグランド has less inventory that the brand needs to hold in person and will reserve that for exclusive drops only moving forward. This is something that a lot of brands are working on and it is a very smart move especially for smaller labels going forward. With the world moving deeper into a digital age we can expect more and more clothing lines to adapt newer technologies that benefit them. Regurando レグランド is no exception. Look for Regurando’s latest drops about once week not only for clothing but NFTs.

Regurando レグランド features Kadeem Brown and Mezz

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