Model Watch: Candy Stone


Candy Bath

Candy Stone is a 28 year old alternative model, artist and bartender currently residing in Las Vegas, Nevada. Candy was born in Whittier, California and shortly after relocated to Paradise , California where she went to school and discovered her love for art. At age 17 Candy moved to Bullhead City, Arizona. She began a 2 year tattoo apprenticeship in a small shop and has been tattooing ever since. She has worked many tattoo conventions as well as becoming a full time artist in a well known shop on the Las Vegas Strip.


At age 18, Candy began her modeling career working with Suicide Girls and promoting small business in the West Coast areas. Since leaving Suicide Girls, Candy has been published in various magazines including Easy Rider, Tattoo Tabu, Savage Tattoo, Goomah, Avant, German magazine Tattoo Inferno and many others. Candy moved to Las Vegas in 2014 to further her modeling career and has since began bar tending at one of Vegas’ best punk rock dive bars, The Dive.  She is quickly becoming a sought after and well known alt model. We will be seeing much more of her in the very near future!

Classic Entourage Mag:  What inspired you to become a model?

Candy Stone: I’ve always wanted to model since I was a small girl. I loved how confidant and beautiful they the woman looked on the runway. I was always the awkward girl in school, so it was always just a dream. Once I started getting tattooed I discovered a whole new kind of modelling.. something I could do… so I did… and I haven’t stopped since.
CE: Was it a hard transition from your day job to modeling?
CS: Nope, I don’t find it difficult at all. I am the same person at work as I am when Im modelling. I’m always “on stage”.
CE: What is something you always bring to a shoot?
CS: Whiskey lol
CE: What is your favorite location to shoot at?
CS: I don’t really have a favorite place to shoot, really. Anywhere I’m comfortable…
CE: What is a location you wish to shoot at in the future?
CS: I would love to do a shoot in a classic Speak Easy type bar
CE: Thanks for sitting down with us! Do you have any fashion advice for up and coming models?
CS: I’m not really the best person to ask fashion advice lol!  I think the best clothes are no clothes at all!


To keep up with Candy Stone check out her social links below:


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