Model Watch: Joana Ruby



Joana Ruby its a freelance model, based in Bucharest, Romania. She is modelling since 2013, having a strong passion for alternative style. She mainly shoots glamour, boudoir, lingerie, soft fetish, Gothic and artistic nudes. She works with photographers from different countries. She is a model that loves Gothic style the most and is creative, sociable, funny, open minded, respectful. She loves to be allowed to express herself though a photo shooting, being in front of the camera its an endless love for her. Its available for photo shoots in Europe. We had the chance to sit down with her recently

Classic Entourage: What got you started in modeling?
Joana Ruby: At first, it started as a hobby, back in 2012, posing for a friend, but i realised that i am good at it and i enjoy it, so i started to do more photo shootings and to improve step by step.

CE: What is your favorite place to shoot?


JR: I like the indoors places, I like to have a classic background, stylish, old fashion, like hotel rooms, palaces.


CE: How often do you shoot?


JR: Usually 1, 2 times per week.




CE: What is the best part about following your dreams?


JR: The most important  is to be happy with your choices, do everything step by step, do not give up, even that sometimes things might seem  impossible.


CE: Where do you see yourself in 5 years?


JR: In 5 years, I see myself as an accomplished alternative model, trying other artistic areas like dancing, singing.


CE: Thank you for sitting down with us! Do you have any advice for up and coming models?


JR: Trust yourselves and follow your dreams, ladies!




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