Model Watch: Angelique Witmyer


Meet model, actress, dancer, and all around creative artist Angelique Witmyer. A 23 year old New Jersey native who moved out to LA in September of 2014 to chase her dreams and try her luck in the City of Angels. Miss Angelique is very passionate about her work, and likes to constantly keep creating and collaborating with artists from all walks of life. Outgoing and ambitious, she’s been pushing toward her goals by being involved with countless photoshoots and films. She gets great reviews from people she’s worked with, taking pride that she’s known as versatile and “easy to work with”. Follow and support her on her way to the top!

“Don’t tell people your dreams, show them.”

We had the honor of sitting down with and figure out what makes her really tick.

Classic Entourage: What got you into modeling?

Angelique Witmyer: My Uncle Matt used to follow me around ever since I was a baby with a camera videotaping me and taking photos, I loved being the center of attention and entertaining my family haha. My Dad also owned a costume store and an entertainment company, so I grew up going to media events and being involved in costume catalogs and shows.

CE: How do you feel models inspire society?

AW: Models inspire society by conveying art and feeling into photos. They paint messages with their bodies and express emotions that make the viewer compelled to react. Their vision, paired with the right photographer’s vision, make pure magic together that gives one hell of an experience.



CE: What is the best part about your career?


AW: The best part about my career is all the wonderful opportunities I get, and all the cool people I meet and get to share my life with. As long as I’m creating art, in any form, I’m happy and that’s the best part.


CE: How do you deal with negative attitudes towards you?


AW: I shrug off negativity. I don’t need that kind of energy in my life. I used to let it bother me a lot and take it to heart but now I rarely let it get to me. Anyone who gives off those bad vibes I stay away from


CE: What is your favorite pose?


AW: I honestly don’t have a favorite “pose”. My favorite poses though are ones where I just get to freely feel my environment and the shoot that I’m doing; when the photographer tells me to just move and do whatever comes to mind, then I’m myself and I promise you no photos will come out better than the ones where you’re unapologetically you. Don’t think, feel.




CE: Thanks for sitting down with us! Any advice to up and coming models?


AW: Do not compare yourself to anyone! Every single person on this earth is on his or her own unique journey. If you constantly envy others or lust after someone else’s look or life you’ll be forever unhappy with your own and therefore unable to progress and grow. Don’t get yourself stuck, be the best you you can be and what you love to do will come to you.

Find her at:

@miss_angeliquew (ig, fb, t)


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