Model Watch: Teresa B


Happy New Year everyone! To kick off the new year right we are featuring Teresa B. Teresa B (tinyteresab on IG) is an accomplished 40 year old mother, grandmother and accountant living in Victoria, BC, Canada. Although most women start modelling in their teens and early twenties, Teresa only started modeling about a year ago as a hobby. She absolutely fell in love with posing in front of the camera! As a mature women, Teresa’s desire is to represent a different kind of beauty – she proudly stands tall in her tiny stature of 4’9.5” and hopes to be a role model for all women as she believes there is no defined set of rules for beauty. You can be any age, height, weight, and ethnicity and be sexy and desirable! Check out our interview with below!

Classic Entourage: What made you start modeling?

Teresa B: I was tired of seeing the same type of girl in every magazine. I have daughters and I wanted to show them there is no set age limit, height requirement, hair/eye/skin colour that defines beauty. There is beauty in all of us and everyone has an ideal which they find beautiful. I am not a cookie cutter beauty, but that doesn’t make me less beautiful. I want to empower my daughters and all women to be themselves and embrace their version of beauty.

CE: How did you go from Accountant to model? 

TB: I originally was approached by a photographer to shoot for her website. The thought of posing in lingerie in front of a camera terrified me. But once we started shooting, it was a total rush and I couldn’t wait to do it again. After that, I was hooked. It is still more of a hobby than a career – I’m not giving up my accounting job just yet, but who knows what the future holds.


CE: What draws you to do the work you do. Accounting? Modeling?

TB: I have always liked to challenge myself in life. Whether it be with projects at work or new and unique creative shoots. I think I like both because they are so completely different. They challenge me in very different ways. And I love to dispel the stereotype that all accountants are nerds in suits.

CE: What would you like to gain from your modeling career?

TB: I have a true passion of travel so I’m hoping my modeling will allow me to see some new and interesting areas of the world. I also really enjoy meeting different people and collaborating on projects. And, of course, I want to inspire the more mature women – us 40 and older ladies – age is only a number.

CE: What mistakes did you make when you first started modeling?

TB: Probably being too trusting. There are some really talented photographers, however, there are some shady people in this industry as well. I was fortunate enough to have friends in the industry who really helped guide me through the growing pains.

CE: How do you balance your modeling life with your personal life?

TB: Honestly, I don’t have much of a personal life. I work Monday to Friday 9-5 and do shoots most weekends. I really enjoy the people I’ve worked with so my shoots end up actually being a lot of my personal life. I’ve remained friends with every photographer and make up artist I’ve met. Many of who I chat with on a daily basis. Also being single with grown children helps. My home time I can just decompress and watch a show or read.


CE: What advice do you have for other models just starting out?

TB: It is important to follow your gut instincts and be selective with who you will work with. I had to learn to understand my value in the industry and not sell myself short. Don’t take on projects you don’t feel passion for and don’t work with people who don’t inspire you.

CE: Thank you for sitting down with us. Finally; What makes a great model?

I personally think a great model is someone who is willing to explore different types of shoots, locations, wardrobe, concepts. Don’t be afraid to think outside the box or to ‘look ugly’. Some of my favorite images are those that really pushed my boundaries.

Photo Credits:

Green lingerie – Justin Swain

Yellow bikini – Adam Frank

Grey sweater – Justin Swain

Bath – Matthew Luttmer



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