Model Watch: Mishka


Mishka, a Canadian model based In Toronto has been expanding her horizons in modeling upon her discovery by Allure model mgmt. back in 2014. She is most passionate about fitness, nutrition, and sport. She is involved in many sports most since before she could walk, including horse back riding (eventing specifically), downhill skiing, and tennis. Currently completing her degree in nutrition, she is excited to conclude this chapter and hopes to travel around the globe, meeting new people in the modeling industry and building her success. We sat down with the young vixen to find out more about her.

Classic Entourage: Thanks for sitting down with us. How did you get started? Was it easy to jump into?

Mishka: I was actually an actress from before I could talk! (Drama queen can’t you tell;) ) I had majored in drama throughout high school and eventually gave up the dream! I was randomly walking on the street when my agent had approached me and it’s been a ball ever since!


CE: What started  your love of sports and fitness? Which sport is your favorite?

Mishka: As a kid my dad had thrown me into every sport possible. I could literally ski and ride before I could walk; I was always athletic and i find great joy in sport! The gym is my getaway, go hard or go home

CE: As a model do you feel like you have to  hold yourself to a higher standard when it comes to your images or is that something you let your photographers decide? What is your standard?

Mishka: I am very precise with the images I want to let the public see, I will only work with photographers I know can work with my personality and really showcase it in an image!

CE: What piece of motivational advice were you given when you first started out that you would recommend to someone else?

Mishka: Be true to yourself and go as hard as you possibly can; if you hunger for it you’ll achieve it.

CE: How do you choose your shoots?

Mishka: The shoots with the best angles, most personality  and most truth to them, those are the ones I select!

CE: What defines beauty? Are there parameters?

Mishka: Beauty is to each his own. I find beauty in raw form. Beauty comes in so many different types and styles, that not everyone can agree to the same thing; to me beauty is imagination and motivation.


CE: How should someone who is into sports and fitness jump into another field such as modeling or even acting?

Mishka: I always say if you have talent let the modeling and acting find you! Today’s day and age to many folk are getting into the field simply because of connections and not real desire or talent, this I do not support.

CE: Thank you for sitting down with us! Any parting words?

Mishka: Thank you so much for having me! I love to collaborate and share with the world what it is I do, and who it is I am, even in the slightest! Pictures and profiles don’t always hit people the same. Judgement is natural and, to me, beauty in its rawest form.




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