Model Watch: Linley


Linley was born and raised on punk rock, skateboarding, and off shore fishing in northeast Florida, which explains the southern belle with a quick attitude. She doesn’t consider herself a model, just posing in front of the camera as a second job. It came about by chance, with a photographer reaching out through Instagram about three years ago. Hard work and practice have turned something fun on the weekends into a way to actually make money. When she’s not in front of the camera, you can find her slinging tacos at the local hot sauce shop, unless it’s the weekend. Those are reserved for adventures up and down the coast of Florida.

Classic Entourage: We love your look! When did you figure out that you wanted to be a model?

Linley: Thank you! I never really “decided” this was something to do. It just kinda fell into my lap, and I’m having fun with it.

CE: How did you get started? Was it hard to break into the industry?

Linley: I met a photographer, Chris Alvarez, through Instagram and that was my first shoot. Just started learning from there and always trying to improve, and through my work with him I’ve had the opportunity to meet and work with other photographers and do different kinds of work.


3. Is there anything you want to change in the industry? Why?

Linley: I’m still pretty new to this, so I haven’t really noticed anything really bad yet.

CE: Is it hard to find decent photographers?

Linley: I feel like everyone on Instagram thinks they’re a photographer these days, haha. If I had a dollar for every creepy “I want to take your picture” DM…
No, but I actually get a lot of work just by networking and talking to people and meeting new faces and collaborating. I just try to have good judgement and try to work with the less creepy/more professional side.

CE: Can you talk about some of your tattoos? Any inspiration behind them?

Linley: I always forget how many tattoos I have until I look in the mirror with a bikini on, haha. Some of them don’t really have meaning, just things I like, and some are super important to me. I have “nothing gold can stay” across the bottom of my ribs, and that’s the title of my favorite New Found Glory album. I have God First across my ankles, which is how I try to lead my life. My toes say dirty south, which is where I’ve come from and the place that made me who I am. Daisy Duck on my right arm is for my goddaughter, my favorite person in the world. I have my first dog on my left arm. I guess a lot have meaning.

CE: If you could shoot anywhere in the world that you haven’t already where would you go?

Linley: I’ve only ever shot here in town so anywhere new would be a great experience. I’ve always wanted to visit South America though, and it would be awesome to be able to combine work and travel.


CE: What is the hardest part of being a model?

Linley: For me, not laughing. I’m a goofy person naturally, so if you ask me for a specific pose and face, I’m going to get that for about three frames before I crack up and have to make myself be serious.

CE: Thank you for sitting down with us. What are you goals for the next few years?

Linley: I’m currently at this point in my life where I’m not really sure what I want next. I (finally) feel like an adult, haha, and so I’m trying to just make more adult decisions and continue to grow with my career and like… Make my momma proud.


Photo Credits: Chris Alvarez


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