Model Watch: NaTyMeTaL Costa Rican Legend


NaTyMeTaL is a friendly, sweet, fun and shy girl from Costa Rica who loves chocolate, coffee, tattoo’s, body modification and music! NaTyMeTaL is a graphic designer and owner of an online clothing store ( with her sister YaZ, also they own an international magazine called Gorgeous Freaks Magazine ( Magazine).


NaTyMeTaL started modeling in 2008, when she got an opportunity to do a photo shoot for a local goth boutique since then she began to model for several bands that contacted her to promote their merch by doing photos with it, then her work got known and she started working with clothing brands, designers from around the world as well as photographers from New York, Canada, Costa Rica, and being published in International Magazines! She loves meeting new people and work in new projects, is very open minded, creative and passionate about her work. You are more than welcome to check her work!


Classic Entourage: Thank you for sitting down with us! Your career is really starting to take off. How did you get the name NaTyMeTaL?

NaTyMeTaL: Well my whole name is Natalia but everybody just calls me Naty and I am a huge fan of metal music so when I started modeling I started modeling for bands and promoting them. I started getting very involved in the metal scene so I decided to pick that model name, combining my name with the music I love.


CE: You have been many places during your time as a model. What are some of the major differences between cultures that you have noticed?

NM: Oh well I have noticed that in other countries people seem to be more respectful or at least tolerant, they don’t mess with others, and over here people bother you a lot, stare a lot, yell mean things and stuff. In other countries culture is way different and better sometimes!
CE: Can you name the bands that first contact you to model for them? What was it like working with them?

NM:Claymore, Handful of Hate, Time to Kill, Netherbird, The Dust, Quintessence of Versatility, Terrorismo, Ukrurku and a few more. It was awesome because they were the first to trust in my work, they supported me so I am very thankful they gave me the chance to model for them.


CE: You have a very uniquely beautiful look. How did you get your style? Was it an overnight thing or more of a long process overtime?


NM: I think it was a long process. I always have been a mix of styles. Since I left high school I started getting more liberty with my style so I dyed my hair. I already had black clothes, a piercing and tattoos so I think I just came with it since I was a kid. I always have been interested in fashion so I am always trying new things. I almost always change my styles but I am the same girl, the only thing that changes more is my hair color. haha


CE: How do you plan a shoot? Do you start with themes or is that something the photographer does?

NM: Sometimes my photographers help me pick a theme and concept and other types I think of the theme so then I talk to the photographer to get more ideas!


CE: Who are your favorite musical artist right now? Why?

NM: Mm that’s a hard choice, but I would say metal bands like: Catamenia, Agathodaimon, Satyricon, Graveworm, Dornenreich, Nocte Obducta, those because I love black metal. It makes me feel calm and I don’t know, gives me goosebumps everywhere. Also I love calm music like psychobilly, bands like: The Quakes, Mutilators, Frenzy


CE: Can you explain some of your tattoos?

Well I have 12 so far. On my left arm I have a coverup traditional rose and skull. Then my pomeranian portrait in a traditional style. I also have a cup of coffee, a mernicornio (mermaid-unicorn) and a penguin! On my right arm I have a coverup in process that consist on blackwork and dotwork! Then on my stomach I have written “Black Metal” (I told u I was a huge metal junkie haha). On my right I have a coverup that is a dead bride with roses, keychain heart. On my back I have angel wings. That was my first tattoo, got it at 16. On a side of my chest I have a pentagram and near my ear I got a little dog paw!


CE: What are your goals for modeling in the next few years?

NM: Hopefully travel to USA again or Europe, keep modeling for clothing brands and designers and working with new photographers.




CE: Thank you for sitting down with us! Any parting advice for models just starting out?

You are welcome! Thank to you for having me! My advice is: Don’t be afraid of being yourself. Be versatile, try new things, be picky when working with photographers. See their work first before working with them! Be confident and just have fun and be passionate about it.

 Photography credits:

Imago Fotografía (Top Photo)

Wil Viruxard

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