Model Watch: Philadelphia’s IG Mistress Vanessa Alexis

VAVanessa Alexis also known as “iicefloors” on IG, is a 23 year old aspiring tattoo model from Philadelphia, born and raised. In her free time she loves to paint, take pictures, watch alien documentaries, do makeup, get tattooed and workout. She has an obsession with Aliens and Mythology so much that she even dedicated her leg sleeve to it. She has hopes of becoming a traveling tattoo model so she can see the world. We sat down with the young vixen to see what life in Philly is really like.

Classic Entourage: Happy to finally get to chat with you. Lets dive right into your ink. What inspires your work and who does it?

Vanessa Alexis: I always like to get things I’m interested in and things that have a real meaning behind them, I don’t get tattoos just to have them, I get them because they mean something to me. At the moment my main artist that works on me monthly is Bryan Merk from Seance Tattoo Parlor in Bensalem PA, he’s amazing.

CE: Did you always want to be a model? What made you interested in the field?

VA: Ever since I was a little girl I dreamed of being a model of some sort.. I love taking pictures and having my picture taken.


CE: How did you get your sense of style? Was that something you came up with or did you imitate people you looked up to?

I wouldn’t say I imitate people I look up to, I sort of just do whatever I feel comfortable in.. I think my style is very confusing for some people to understand haha.

CE: What are your current career goals?

Becoming a successful tattoo model that gets to travel all over the world.

CE: Any favorite spots in Philly? Can you name a few for our readers?

I have a few, as for spots for going out, The Barbary will always be my fave or Barcade. And spots for just getting away and chilling or taking some cool photos, I love core creek park & Tyler state park.. lots to explore in there.

CE: Why do you like aliens so much? What draws you to them?

I’m not sure why, I guess because I’m so curious about them. I always watch documentaries on people who say they have seen and have even been abducted   by them and I’m always so amazed by their stories. I’m obsessed, and kind of want to be abducted myself hahaha.

unnamed 4

CE: Who is your favorite artist right now? Why?

Musically? Bones, he’s an underground rapper and he is like no one i’ve ever listened to, he sings, raps.. everything so perfectly! Check him out.

CE: Thanks for chilling with us. Do you have any advice for up and coming models?

For sure and yes never give up on your dreams & keep trying until you succeed!


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