Model Watch: Tanya Song


Tanya Song


Tanya Song is a Russian erotic model, widely admired for her youthful beauty, long brown hair, slim figure and her pale natural breasts. Now she focuses on making mostly artistic nude and lingerie photos. Tanya Song began her nude modeling career at the age of 19 under the name Anna Song. She has modeled for DDFBusty, Scoreland, Nadine Jansen, Busty Cafe (as Anita), (as Anita), Overdeveloped Amateurs (as Billie), and TopHeavyAmateurs (as Tina.) She has starred in two DVDs produced by Scoreland, Climax with Anna and Cum Along with Anna Song. Despite their suggestive titles, these are both solo movies; she has not performed with a man. She has done softcore lesbian photos and videos with Marie and Melissa Mandlikova at Nadine Jansen.

In December 2008, the sites of Nadine Jansen and Milena Velba announced that she had officially changed her name to Tanya Song because of misuse of her former name Anna Song. Her own website “” was announced to open in early 2009. *Anna Song should not be confused with the Asian porn star using the same name.*

Tanya Song


Tanya Song has performed with the following models: Angela White, Marie, Melissa Mandlikova, Milena Velba, and Shione Cooper.

From Tanya’s words:
“For those who are into calender’s and geography:
I was born on July 6, 1987 in a beautiful ancient town near Moscow where I lived until I was 18. My mother is Swedish, my father Russian. My family is and will always be my harbor and the most important thing in my life.
I love my home but there must have been some magnet in the west which was pulling me, so I moved to Paris in 2005 to study foreign languages. I am dreaming of a future in a beautiful house close to a nice beach with a big garden and horses. I love horse-riding!”

Classic Entourage: Thank you for sitting down with us! We are completely honored. How did you get started in modeling?

Tanya Song: I started modeling in Russia at the age of 18. As long as I remember myself, I always wanted to become a model. It was not so easy to achieve in a small Russian town ! Besides, at that time in Russia, only tall skinny models were popular…
Then, I met an american photographer on the internet who proposed me a shooting. It great pay for the shoot. My daily fee was about one month average salary in my home town.


Tanya Song

CE: What made you pick erotic modeling over other forms?

TS: I accepted an erotic shooting because it was a condition of the shooting, but it seemed to be fun to me. Besides, I’ve never had problem to show off my body, it seems so natural to me and artistic nude shots can be really beautiful. I stopped erotic photos in 2009 but I still like artistic nude. I think it is a pity to restrict the creativity of model and photographer by covering the body.

CE: How did having two different cultures growing up, Russian and Swedish, affect the way you were brought up?

TS: Actually, we’ve never talked about Swedish culture as my mum left the country when she was a little girl ! I would love to visit this country one day…

CE: What is one of the biggest mistakes you see from new models? Did you make the same mistakes when you started out?

TS: I think the only mistake I made at the beginning is that I started erotic photos too early. When you want to be a model in erotic industry, it is better to begin with lingerie or topless and then, with time, show more. Another mistake is not to choose the right photographers. 10 years ago, there was not so many social media sites and sharing on the web. Internet was much more discreet and I would never think that my photos become famous all over the world and people would recognize me on the street or in the metro ! If I knew I would choose my photographers carefully because there are some photos of me that I am not proud about.


Tanya Song


CE: What do you think your best asset is? What do you have photographers and videographers focus on?

TS: I guess my best asset till 2009 was my big breast ! Though I think I have other qualities 🙂 I like to play on photos and videos, take different expressions, play different personages. I think my strong part is my creativity : I like to prepare shootings : choose a theme, outfit, makeup, hairstyle, decorations. Nude photography is something more than just showing off nude body ! It should tell a story and show an emotion.

CE: What are some of your goals that you want to complete in your field?

TS: I guess, I would love to pose for some famous magazines… Otherwise, the only goal I have about the photography is to enjoy it and make photos that I can be really proud about.

CE: Lastly, any words of advice for new models?

I think the only advise I can give is to work hard on poses and expressions and to enjoy the photography. Models should think before accepting erotic shootings as it may affect their life in a way that they don’t expect.

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