Model Watch: Elaine Nip


Elaine Nip

Model, actress and dancer, Elaine Nip, is an ambitious young woman determined and committed to reaching her own success. Born and raised in Houston, Texas in January 1989, Elaine was introduced to the fine arts at a young age. Growing up she took numerous dance, modeling and acting classes. Elaine instantly found her passion for dance and as the years passed she trained with several companies allowing her to travel the world. After high school, Elaine decided to put dance on hold and focus on her education. She attended Boston University where she would receive her Bachelor’s Degree in advertising and a minor in Psychology. While in school she rekindled her love for the arts and realized that she was ready to write a new chapter in her life. This inspired her to move to Los Angeles. Elaine is currently working on a variety of projects and is ready for what lies ahead. We took a moment to sit down with her and figure out what makes her tick:

Classic Entourage: How did you start modeling?

Elaine Nip: Well, as a child I was extremely shy and insecure. I had no sense of self – asking a stranger a question or speaking up in class was one of the hardest things for me to do. So my mother enrolled me in modeling classes to help me boost my confidence. There I learned how to properly speak in public, how to pose in front of a camera and they even taught me how to apply make-up properly. I learned to embrace my femininity and as I grew older I definitely grew into my own person.


CE: You are an absolute beauty! How do you pull so much confidence off in front of the camera?


 EN: I honestly spend a lot of time practicing and projecting this confidence in front of the mirror at home. Modeling is an art and in order to perfect it you need to practice it. When I first began modeling it was obvious I needed some work. But as I became more experienced you could see the improvement in my photos. It definitely isn’t easy to convey confidence in a photo but knowing what you need to work on is a great place to start. At this point I definitely know what my strengths and weaknesses are but as I am growing I’m also learning to appreciate my many features I can use in front of the camera.


CE: What inspires you to keep modeling in an industry that is heavily saturated? What makes you keep moving forward?


 EN: I think that Asian beauty is so unique yet it is overlooked in the American entertainment industry. The lack of a large Asian presence is what motivates me to pursue this as a career.

Elaine Nip

CE: How did you get started in dance? Does that influence your work behind the camera?


 EN: I originally began dancing because it was a part of my school’s curriculum to enroll in a fine arts class. Little did I know that I would come to enjoy it so much and decide to make it a lifestyle. Dance definitely helps me in my modeling. It makes me more aware of creative possibilities, it’s given me a broader sense of motion, it’s taught me how to carry myself and its given me the ability to apply that knowledge in other art forms.


CE: Explain the process for a shoot from start to finish?


EN: Well first is hair and makeup. After, I consult with the photographer on the different looks we will be shooting in. Following that we take a few test shots to ensure the lighting is perfect and then we begin the shoot. Usually the photographer gives me some direction during the shoot and in between each look I’m able to review the photos to ensure that they are to our liking. We continue the process with multiple looks until we’ve reached a sufficient amount of photos that we are both satisfied with.


CE: Can you tell our readers about your music video work? Any favorites? 


 EN: I’ve worked as both a dancer and a featured model on many music video sets. They are always a blast! The creative process for a music video gives me a different form of satisfaction versus the rush of performing in front of a live audience. I’ve worked with many great artists but to name a few of my favorites I would have to say Usher, Omarion and David Guetta.


Elaine Nip
CE: What’s your favorite food?


 EN: Definitely Thai or anything sweet!


CE: Anything particularly unusual you like to do in your free time? Bike riding while flying kites?


 EN: Honestly between shoots, rehearsals and being on set I don’t really have a lot of time to myself. But when I do have free time I enjoy exploring nature with friends and trying new foods. There are so many restaurants in LA that I’ve been meaning to visit so that’s definitely something I want to get to when I have time. Don’t get me wrong I love staying busy. My line of work is very exciting so I don’t mind it at all!


CE: Thank you for taking some time to sit with us! Can’t wait to see your next sets!


 EN: No problem at all thank you for having me!

Instagram and Twitter : @S2misselle. Facebook :, and MM ID : 3642100



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