Model Watch: Madison Glocker

Madison Glocker
Madison Glocker, age 22 was born and raised in Tulsa Oklahoma. Currently living in Boston Massachusetts, she is a hair stylist, model, makeup addict and ballet dancer. She is obsessed with music, fashion and video games. She focuses on creation, whether it bet art, music, dance, clothing, making something new from something old, taking/posing for photos, writing, whatever. Madison is constantly working with my hands. Madison is always doing or trying something new while perfecting what she already knows. Madison spends a lot of time in her closet quite literally playing dress up. Traveling is so important to her and she is ready to visit more of the world. If she could go anywhere she would love to go to Tokyo. One of her biggest inspirations is Japanese manga and anime. Any/ all of Hayao Miyazaki’s works have a special place in her heart. Classic Entourage sat down with the unique model:


Classic Entourage: First I just would like to start off with, We fucking love your dreads over here at CE! What made you start your locs? Is it something you only do temporarily? 


Madison Glocker: I’m actually in the middle of an overhaul right now. I’m going to have them re done so I brushed them out a couple of months ago, just for now. I started them because I love the style and I’m not the type to blow dry or curl my hair every day. The ironic part is I’m a hair stylist. I learned how to make them & keep them clean from another loctician who is a dear friend of mine, so I added dreadlocks to my list of services in the salon. I love being able to provide them for others and still maintain the dignity of the hair.


CE: You have a very unique personality. Can you go into detail and explain how that is shown through your work?


MC: My personality is shown through my work by my poses, wardrobe and facial expressions. I always say “it’s the little things”, and when it comes to shooting the little things are what really counts with me. I do my own hair and makeup for 95% of the work I do so you can see a little of my every day life as a cosmetologist.


CE: We know you love Manga. Do you ever cosplay? Who is your favorite character? 


MC: I have not started to really cosplay yet. I can be a bit of a perfectionist when it comes to that. I want to have perfect props and embrace my character to the fullest extent. It’s also a really expensive passion but you will see me cosplay. My favorite character.. Oh jeez. That would probably have to be Kagome from InuYasha. She’s so sweet and I love when she commands InuYasha to sit.


 Madison Glocker 3
CE: Can you name a few places you would like to travel to and why? I know Tokyo is one of them. Where else?


MC: Tokyo is my first choice. It’s like the headquarters of all things kawaii and amazing food. I wouldn’t know where to begin. I would go to Italy first. Italian food is one of my favorites and the hot springs and scenery look to die for. Next I would go to Paris. The art, the fashion, the city of love, need I say more? After Paris I would make my way to the UK and find the craziest live music I could possibly see. After the UK I’d go straight to Cartagena, Colombia. My boyfriend is Colombian and he actually grew up there for a few years, but it’s always been a place I’ve wanted to see. The beach and the dancing and the parties are probably more than I could handle but I’d try for Colombia.


CE: Does posing in front of the camera feel natural? Is it hard for you?


MC: Posing is one of my favorite subjects. It can come very naturally for me but sometimes it can be tough. If you’re standing alone in front of a wall what do you do with your hands? Which way do you focus your eyes? What should your legs be doing? What kind of mood are you trying to set? You have to be aware of every part of you. I practice my fluidity in the mirror pretty often and it helps when you’re finally in front of the camera.


CE: What made you move to Boston? That seems like a huge move from Oklahoma.


MC: This may sound silly but I moved to Boston with my boyfriend. I needed a change of pace. I needed a city and new faces. Oklahoma was all I knew. It’s where I grew up but eventually I wanted something more. I always say I did everything I could have ever wanted to before I left but I didn’t leave for good. What little family I have is there and I see them as frequently as possible. I plan on moving around. Boston, like Tulsa is a stepping stone for me. I want to see what I can do here.


 Madison Glocker 4
CE: How often do you do shoots?


 MC: I used to shoot nearly every week. After the big move I made I have been shooting less but I’ve also needed a bit of a break. I took a little hiatus. I go crazy when I’m not working but working too much does the same thing. My brain works through balancing things.


CE: Is there any theme you will not shoot? Why?


MC: The only theme I will not shoot is full nudity. Personally, I am an extremely private person and that includes my body parts. I can’t and won’t bare it all for Instagram. No disrespect to those who do but it’s not my thing. I have never shot anything fully nude, and I turn down a lot of work because I refuse to do it. I’ve been pressured to shoot nude by so many people but I want to model clothes and things having to do with beauty. I’m looking to work, not to have followers or get “famous” cause I showed my booty online. Plus my mom would probably kick my “you know what.”


CE: Lastly, what makes a great model?


MC: I think what makes a great model is typically a persons reasoning behind it all. Some people just “want their pictures done” or want to have their photo taken and it’s meaningless. I think having a plan, knowing your body, being creative, & doing it for the love of it all makes a great model. It’s loving the thing as a whole. All the hair and makeup and the clothes and the creating and doing it with a purpose, not just to say “oh look I’m a model”. I feel like something got lost somewhere because to me, models model things, so if you’re always taking photos but never modeling anything tangible you’re probably doing it for the wrong reasons. I would tell anyone that. Model for the right reasons. Not because getting your picture taken is cool and you can put it online later. Model because you want to collaborate with this sick photographer or cute local shop. Model with purpose.


You can find more images from Madison at:
instagram: personal @kawaiifacekilla
work related: @mads.glocka
twitter: @baemaxbb
facebook: Mads Glocker

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