Model Watch: Hallie Bertino

Hallie Bertino

Hallie Bertino is a 20 year old girl from South Jersey. Her background is Russian and Italian. She is currently working on her craft to become a fashion designer. She is into donating her time to help others. Hallie is a super big book reader, Star Wars fanatic, absolutely addicted to lingerie, and super silly. Classic Entourage had the privilege of chatting with her today:

Classic Entourage: Thanks for chatting with us. We are very honored. What got you started in modeling?

Hallie Bertino: When I was a little girl, I used to runway model for flower girl dresses! After having the worst awkward stage in America, I continued to model again. (Maybe 5 years ago now?) My mother owning a bridal shop always influenced me – so I spent a lot of time watching runway shows with her.

CE: You bring such an seductive elegance to ever shoot you do. Is that something you work on or something you are directed to do by your photographer?

HB: When shooting, I usually have 100% creative freedom with my movements. Otherwise, it’s not me! I’m super good at bringing whatever vibe I need to bring. Once I’m in the setting and the mood is right, it all comes naturally!

Hallie Bertino

CE: What is the process of the shoot? Do you come up with the themes?

HB I think that the model and photographer really need to work together to bring some magic. It’s definitely effort on both ends. I never want to be like, hey take a picture of me like this, or me doing this. I think when the connection is undeniable, it’ll all work itself out. I try not to think too hard about these things so I can really let everything naturally flow.

CE: What is your favorite kind  of shoot?

HB: I really love studio right now – maybe because I’m fairly new to it. I’m so used to being outdoors and spending my free time there, so something like a studio is pretty cools.

CE: When you model you always do something interesting with your hands. What made you start that?

HB: People always told me I had pretty hands and I always took that extremely weird. My great grandmother was a hand model, so I guess I have her hands haha. But I think hands portray a very elegant part of the human body, without too much exposure.

Hallie Bertino

CE: Did you always want to model?

HB: I definitely didn’t always want to model because I never thought I was good enough. Once I got by the self consciousness, I was able to break through and really express myself in photograph

CE: If you could shoot anywhere in the world only one time where would it be?  Why?

HB: Ugh, probably somewhere cool in Africa – It would be awesome to be cultured on the area and meet some cool new animal friends who will hopefully not eat me?! I definitely plan on traveling the world, but that would for sure be the sickest.

Hallie Bertino

CE: Being as famous as you are, do you find it hard to enjoy yourself in the company of people who are star struck?

HB: I’ve never really considered myself “famous” – ever. Period.

CE: What projects are you working on?

HB: I’m in school for fashion design and I currently design sleepwear for lucky brand and a few other massive labels, so I’m pretty tied up with that! Hopefully I can create some pieces that are worth photographing myself in. I’m super hard on myself and the work I make.

CE: Thanks for sitting down with us. Any advice for up and coming models?

Industry is super cut throat – don’t let anyone tell you what you should and shouldn’t be. Let everything come naturally and the rest will follow.

Hallie’s social media – Facebook/ hallie.bertino
Instagram/ kittybertino
Snapchat/ halliebertino
Tumblr/ tangerinedreamer

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