Model Watch: Cyn Andino

Cyn Andino


Her name is Cyn Andino she is a free spirited Virgo from Jersey. She knew she wanted to model/perform since she was a child. She loves dressing up and getting her hair done and when designers dress her in their clothes and love what they see. She’s definitely a people person,  never shy about starting conversation. Cyn is also a pescatarian. She says could live off of sushi and peanut butter. Cyn has been sky diving twice, once in Jersey and once in California, and parasailing once in the Dominican republic. She’s very open minded and craves the adrenaline. She  has driven cross country twice.  One thing on her bucket list is to dance in Vegas, she likes Burlesque. She  plans on taking her modeling as far as she can go with it and definitely striving for more opportunities to do with dancing, she loves to move and she loves the music. We had the chance to chit chat with her for a bit:


Classic Entourage: Thank you for sitting down with us. You are fabulous. You seem to be one of the happiest models around. Every picture of you has a smile in it. What keeps you in a happy place?


Cyn Andio: I have my mothers, my friends, my dog, my home, my music and my cardio to thank for my happiness. I love all animals especially dogs. I have a huge puppy Named Murdoc, he’s a Great Dane. He is my protector and our souls connect like if he were human. I believe soul connections are the best thing about our world. Their is nothing better than feeling connected to someone not because of what they have or look like but because you truly feel like you like who they are and can trust them even if you were blind or couldn’t speak.


CE: What was the process for you to start modeling? Was it short and sweet or did it a take a while for you to get it moving?


CA: The process for me to get my modeling going was long and difficult and I still have a rough road ahead of me. I had to feel comfortable and good enough with myself before I felt like my pictures actually translated the way I wanted. I feel better now and ready for anything thrown at me.


CE: Do you have any new projects coming up? Can you shed some light what they are?


CA: I have some shoots coming up to add to my book and I plan on submitting myself to playboy since they have new non nude opportunities.


Cyn Andino 2
CE: What kind of music do you like?


CA: I love all music, from swing to Lana Del Rey club mixes. I love to dance and their are so many different types of music that fit every single mood I have. Music fuels me from just waking up in the morning to working out.


CE: What is your favorite food?


CA: My Favorite food is Sushi and Peanut butter! I also love Indian food!


CE: What is your definition of art?

CA: My definition of art is being able to see, feel, hear and or witness a vision straight out of someone’s mind.


CE: How often do you have shoots? During such shoots do you take over the artistic direction or is it more so the photographers thoughts?


CA: My shoots vary because of my day job but I try to shoot as often as I can. I like to shoot in my own artistic way but I am not opposed to taking direction for the more commercial looks.


CE: What separates a good model from a great model?


CA:  I think what separates a great model from a good model is how comfortable and quick you can go from casual everyday person to behind the camera performer.

Cyn Andino

CE: Do you have any advice for up and coming models trying to make their mark?


CA: My best advice is to love yourself first!


 CE: We look forward to see more of your work in the future!


CA: Thanks! I appreciate it.



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