Model Watch: Katarina Mikaila

Katarina Mikaila

Hailing from the Garden State (New Jersey) Katarina Mikaila is an up and coming model looking to find her piece of the industry. With a unique style and artistic feel we become intrigued with the young We had the honor to sit down with Katarina today.

Classic Entourage: Thank you for sitting down with us! Please give some background information about yourself.


Katarina Mikaila: Well my names Katarina Mikaila and I’m from New Jersey!


CE: What made you start modeling?

KM:I think modeling is a great way of self-expression and art. Modeling can never be done wrong because there’s always a meaning behind the photo which is why I love it. Not to mention its a huge confidence booster seeing people liking your photos and complimenting on them.


CE: Did modeling come natural or did you have to work at it?


KM: Modeling was never hard for me, I’m comfortable with myself so I didn’t have any issues. I stay positive and have a great deal of confidence, which is needed in this industry.  I just put on music and let it take my body where it wants to go in the shoot. There is no right or wrong way of modeling, no correct way to pose to make the photo interesting, which is why it’s artistic.


CE: Whats your favorite location to shoot.


KM: I love shooting outdoors, Mother Nature is beautiful and should be embraced. Wether it’s an urban shoot or implied, it’ll always complement well. Being outdoors is peaceful and clears my head.


CE: Who is your favorite artist and why?


KM: I absolutely love Lady Gaga, she’s unique and not afraid to be who she is. Wether it’s her music or the way she dresses she’s always making some sort of statement to me. She isnt worried about what the world has to say, she does her own thing regardless.  I think everyone should do the same, by doing what makes you happy.


CE: Define a life altering moment for yourself.


KM: Graduating high school was a life altering moment for me. The world is a scary place, but as long as you make the world your playground then you have nothing to worry about. I learned, you’re going to have to do things for yourself and that nobody is there to hold your hand. With a take charge attitude I learned I could do a lot.


CE: What attracted you to lingerie modeling?


KM: Lingerie is elegant, feminine and empowering. Every woman wants that feeling of being beautiful and confident. I think lingerie modeling is a great way to boost someone’s confidence and make them comfortable with themselves.  I love the way it makes me feel when I look in the mirror, knowing I


CE: Lastly do you have any advice for up coming models?


KM: Don’t give up on what you might think is to difficult, you never know what door will open. It’s important to maintain a healthy diet and exercise along with a positive attitude. Never look down on yourself, always look up at the world and say you’re ready to take on anything and everything that comes your way.


Follow Katarina on instagram at: @katarinamikaila
Photo Credits: ZEPHYR SNAPS

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